6 Reasons You’ll Love Living in Moore Park Gardens

Sydney is one of Australia’s many bustling cities and is an incredible place to call home. There’s great food, great weather, and an abundance of things to do and jobs in Sydney Australia. 

If you’re getting ready to move to the area and enjoy the Sydney inner-city lifestyle at one of the stunning residences at Moore Park Gardens, you’re making an outstanding decision. Let’s take a look at 6 reasons why you’ll love what the Sydney lifestyle has to offer. 

1. The Weather

One of the biggest reasons why people drop everything and move to Sydney is because of the stunning weather that the area has to offer. The temperatures sit at about 23 degrees Celcius year-round, meaning that it’s warm and sunny but not overly hot. 

On top of that, winters in the area don’t get as cold as they do in other parts of the country. That means that people living in the area can enjoy sweater weather without worrying about pesky snowstorms.

Another advantage of living in Sydney is that during the summer months, the climate is hot and sunny. It’s the perfect temperature for hitting the beach and enjoying a day outdoors!

2. The Culture

Sydney is a cultural hub and is filled with just about every aspect of culture that you can imagine. You can enjoy checking out the rich art and culture scene or you can hop on the healthy bandwagon that’s been sweeping the area. 

For one, there are plenty of health boot camps that take place on the beaches and in the city parks. People are quick to engage in these types of activities and to get outdoors in the city. 

Another great reason to move to the area is that it’s home to the famous Sydney Opera house. Here, you can enjoy watching dance and musical performances that will allow you to really experience modern Australian culture. 

Finally, the local Red Hands Cave Houses allow you to explore the history of the nation. You can check out aboriginal art here and learn more about how Australia came to be the incredible country that it is today.

3. The Food

If you’re not already excited about renting a home in Sydney, the food culture will most likely change your mind. The area has a huge range of different types of meals, making it easy for you to find whatever cuisine strikes your fancy. 

For one, you can head down to Chinatown to enjoy some tasty Asian cuisine. Or, you can enjoy Thai, Arabic, Italian, French, and other foods from around the world at numerous other restaurants in the city. 

Plus, remember how we said Sydney has a strong health culture? One of the ways that this is brought to life is in the plethora of vegan, vegetarian, and low-calorie restaurants Sydney has to offer.

4. The Beaches

For tourists and residents alike, the beaches have to be one of Sydney’s biggest draws. Sydney has over 100 different beaches in the area, meaning that you’ll be able to find a secluded spot at one of them!

Another fun fact about Sydney beaches is that many of them have swimming pools alongside the beach. That means that if you don’t want to get salt in your hair but still want to enjoy the view, you can relax in the pool in the area. 

Plus, many of Sydney’s beaches are fairly tucked away. The chances of finding a deserted beach in the area are fairly high, so pack your cozzie and get ready for an afternoon of fun with friends in a private spot!

5. The Cost of Living

One of the scariest parts of moving to a new city is trying to find a job in the area. However, in Sydney, unemployment is fairly low and has been on the decline, meaning that you’re likely to be able to find a good job in the area!

And, once you do find a home in the area, you can expect an excellent pay rate. Sydney has one of the world’s highest net wages, making it a great place for you to live and work. 

Finally, the housing market is great. You can get far bigger properties than you might find in other parts of the country without worrying about crazy high-rents. In Sydney, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your budget and size requirements are. 

6. The Public Transportation

Sydney is a city with some pretty incredible public transportation services. That makes it far easier for you to commute to work, uni, or wherever else you need to get during the day. 

In Sydney, the public transportation city offers:

  • Trains running from 4am to midnight: the Sydney Light Rail and the NSW trains
  • Buses operating around the clock
  • Harbour City ferries: ferries that take you up and down the city as needed

The best part about Sydney’s public transportation system is that they run all over the city. Even if you live in the suburbs, you’ll have no problem getting where you need to go using buses, trains, or ferries.

Make the Move to Moore Park Gardens

Whether you’re wanting to move to this incredible city to enjoy the adventurous Sydney outdoor lifestyle or you’re interested in exploring the food scene, Sydney is a fantastic place to call home. There’s something for everyone to do in this amazing area.

Are you ready to start enjoying the stunning Sydney weather and relaxing on one of the sunny Sydney beaches? If so, get in touch with the Marston Property team and we’ll help you find the perfect place to live!