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In these days of rapidly increasing outgoings and often static or soft rent levels, it has become more important than ever to manage real estate efficiently to ensure that the highest possible yield is always obtained. For this reason, no doubt, there appears recently to have been a substantial increase in the number of owners of investment property who have engaged the services of a Managing Agent

Engaging an agent has proved to be the most economical method of managing a property. It ensures either through the introduction of economies of scale or improvement in lease terms and rent levels, the highest return is received. This increase well and truly offsets the cost of employing the managing agent.

Marston Property through its skilled principal and property manager has the special advantages of being in the market place day by day. We are therefore aware of alterations that occur to the many laws influencing property. We are aware of the current costs in relation to property maintenance; the standard expected from trades people and contractors, the changing terms and conditions in service contracts. As we are involved in the market place we are also aware of market trends both in regard to rent levels and services and an integral part of our service is our ability of keeping our clients advised of these trends as they occur.

Briefly here are some further advantages available to the large and small property owner who employs Marston Property.


Marston Property has always given tenant selection high priority as we know the right tenant will not only provide a steady financial return but will look after your investment with care and responsibility. Through years of experience we have developed a rigid screening process, which includes some of the following to ensure the suitability of the tenant.

We always conduct stringent reference checks with past and current employers to determine stability of employment, length of service and if capable of paying the asking rent.

We check if the tenant has a proven and safe history of renting through other agencies
Marston Property liaises closely with our client during this procedure and then makes a careful recommendation as to the suitability of the tenant, giving the owner the final choice. Once an agreement has been made any special conditions will be documented in the lease agreement and a detailed report of the property will be made up and placed on file.


When the landlord has approved a tenant we will arrange for the Residential Tenancy Agreement, lodgment of the bond to the Rental Bond Board, issuing of keys with copies kept on file and a condition report of the property


Prior to a property being leased, a detailed inspection of the property is carried out and a report is prepared. The tenant must sign this report, making any alterations and if they disagree with the report we would re-inspect the property if they disagree. This report is then compared upon termination of the tenancy.


We have many options for the tenant to pay their rent:

  • By deposit book which can be used at any St George bank in Australia
  • B-Pay, which allows the tenant the convenience of paying the rent after hours
  • Internet banking
  • Cheque at our office


We have state of the art software that is programmed to print out any tenant that is in arrears. This allows us to make contact with the tenant advising them of their possible oversight. Those who do not respond to a phone call are given a reminder letter and further failure to respond are issued with a termination notice and appropriate action with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.


We will carry out regular inspections with a written report being forwarded to you. We would also take the opportunity to make any recommendations or maintenance of the property.


Often landlords prefer that we take control and arrange payment of Water, Council and Strata Levy payments.


Our Rental Trust Account is independently audited on the first working day of the new month. We then forward to you a detailed monthly Rental Statement for your property. This statement details rent collected for the period together with any disbursements. Funds can be remitted electronically or if preferred a cheque can accompany the statement.


In most cases disputes between tenants and landlords are settled without having go to the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

As most disputes arise over rental increases, lack of maintenance and bond matters, it is our position to act as mediator. However, if this cannot be resolved we then request a hearing with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal as they are an independent body that will listen to both parties and make a decision.

The initial cost is $28.00 to the landlord for the hearing; we then prepare the case on your behalf, as solicitors are not allowed at the hearing. On experience is that it is beneficial to resolve any problems early as once the Residential Tenancies Tribunal make a final decision it may not always be to the Landlords satisfaction.


To ensure professional management of your property it is essential that the services we offer at Marston Property be tailored to meet your needs. We believe that the team at Marston Property is totally committed to looking after your property and that we attend to any of your concerns immediately they arise. We look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.

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