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For more than 30 years, Marston Property has brought an independent approach to the Sydney Real Estate and Property Management market.

As a boutique agency, our independence allows us to personalize our services to the unique needs of each client.

We are conveniently located in Redfern with easy access to the heart of the city and its surrounding suburbs.

Wayne Marston, LREA has been selling, leasing, and managing real estate properties in every sector; studios, commercial office towers, luxury homes, and his passion, the city apartments. Wayne knows Sydney and is recognized for his outstanding service and advice. Today’s rapidly increasing outgoings and static or soft rent levels make it more important than ever to efficiently manage your real estate to obtain the highest possible yield.

Engaging a property management agent brings experience, efficiency, scalability, improved lease terms and higher rental rates.

Marston Property understands the market, its trends, and the costs related to property maintenance. We set high standards for tradespeople and contractors and ensure terms and conditions in service contracts are aligned with the law.

Our services include

Tenant Selection

We give tenant selection high priority as we know the right tenant will not only provide a steady financial return but will look after your investment with care and responsibility. Through years of experience, we have developed a rigorous screening process to ensure the suitability of the tenant.

We conduct stringent reference checks with past and current employers to determine the stability of employment, length of service and confirm their ability to pay.

We check if the tenant has a proven and safe history of renting through other agencies. Marston Property liaises closely with our client during this process and makes a careful recommendation as to the suitability of the tenant. Once an agreement has been made any special conditions will be documented in the lease agreement and a detailed report of the property condition will be filed.

Agreement Preparation

When the landlord has approved a tenant, we will arrange completion of the Residential Tenancy Agreement, lodgment of the bond to the Rental Bond Board, and issuing of keys with copies kept on file with the property condition report.

Condition Report

Prior to a property being leased, a detailed inspection of the property is carried out and a report is prepared. The tenant must sign this report, noting any discrepancies for re-inspection. This report is referenced upon the termination of the tenancy.

Payment Of Rent

We have many options for tenants to make rental payments:

B-Pay, with the convenience of paying after hours

Internet banking

We are notified once any tenant is in arrears and initiate contact to advise them of the late payment. Those who do not respond to a phone call are sent a reminder letter. Continued failure to respond results in the issuance of a termination notice and appropriate action with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal is taken.

Regular Inspections

We will carry out regular inspections and report to you. We will also identify any recommended maintenance to the property.

Statutory Disbursements

For your convenience, we can arrange the payment of Water, Council and Strata Levy payments.


Our Rental Trust Account is independently audited each month and forwards you a detailed Rental Statement for your property. The statement details rent collected for the period and any disbursements. Funds can be remitted electronically or if preferred, a cheque can accompany the statement.

Tenant Disputes

In most cases, disputes between tenants and landlords are settled without involving the Residential Tenancies Tribunal.

As most disputes arise over rental increases, lack of maintenance and bond matters, it is our position to act as mediators. If the matter cannot be resolved, a hearing with the Residential Tenancies Tribunal is arranged to independently settle the dispute.

The charge for the initial hearing is to be paid by the landlord. We prepare the case on your behalf, as solicitors are not allowed at the hearing. We believe it’s beneficial to resolve disputes early as the Residential Tenancies Tribunal decision is final and may not be to the landlord’s satisfaction.


To ensure professional management of your property it is essential that the services we offer at Marston Property be tailored to meet your needs. We believe that the team at Marston Property is totally committed to looking after your property and that we attend to any of your concerns immediately they arise. We look forward to being of service to you now and in the future.

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